Sunday, February 25, 2018

Consultations underway for NZ’s second phase of support for beef industry

The second phase will likely be looking at certain areas such as weed control, survey or study on animal water supply and a survey on commercial farmers with less than 1000 cattle.

Farm yard fencing available

Fences will be distributed to communities in Aneityum, Futuna, Erromango, East Pentecost, Central Pentecost, South Malekula, Torres islands and South Santo.

Vanuatu first ever National human resource Plan

THE Vanuatu Government will now have the first ever new National Human Resource Plan (NHRP) of its own since independence.

Australia’s cyclone help ‘has not met expectations’ – DFAT

DFAT, which is responsible for the aid delivery, has given itself an ‘amber’ rating for the project, meaning ‘progress is somewhat less than expected’.

Health services plan road ahead in Santo

A participant said that this is a good start to the year, the aim for which is collaboration, team work and transformation.

Opposition questions early childhood language teaching

The Opposition said the teaching of Bislama at an early age can be disruptive and a hindrance to all early childhood education.

What next for senior RSE workers?

For New Zealand’s horticulture and viticulture industries, RSE was a godsend.

Shortage of nurses leads to recruitment

There are not enough nurses here in Vanuatu to fill the hospitals, dispensaries, clinics or health centres in the islands.

Vanuatu govt urged to act on women in leadership

Activist Jenny Ligo said the government needs to be serious in its policies otherwise it could be blamed for manipulating women for its own gains.

Remembering Father Walter Lini

Today, on Fr Walter Lini Day, we re-produce the obituary from The Independent, UK at the time of Fr Lini’s death as a tribute to the great leader.