Wednesday, July 26, 2017

SPC to set up Pacific Oceans

The SPC's director general Colin Tukuitonga said the Pacific Ocean Science centre would be open to scientists all over the world.

Extreme El Niño events likely to become frequent despite global warming

Under the Paris Climate Agreement, the international community is aiming to limit warming to two degrees Celsius.

Free trade zone a must: Patunvanu

He said the national government must include this in its priority agenda as the country continues to advance in its national developments particularly in trade and economy.

Countries agree to new treaty on marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction

Delegations agreed that the elements were non-exclusive and without prejudice to the position of States during the negotiations. Countries could not reach consensus on all the elements for the prospective treaty.

Tsunami warning sirens to be tested in Port Vila

The manager of the geo-hazard division in the department of Meteorology, Esline Bule said that at 4pm local time on Thursday the tsunami sirens will be sounded.

Climate change meeting taking a toll on SPC finance

SPC Director General Dr Colin Tukuitonga said climate change meeting is draining a lot of money from its budget.

Stronger strain of Rhinoceros Beetle detected in the Pacific

The beetle is moving gradually from the Northern Pacific, south into Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands, and now poses a threat to Vanuatu and Fiji.

Inspiring Pacific women campaign launched at Pacific Community governing meeting

The Inspiring Pacific Women campaign will highlight the significant contribution of 70 women or groups of women towards the social, economic, cultural and political development of Pacific Island countries.

Researchers map plastic patch bigger than Greenland floating in the South Pacific

Moore spent 180 days at sea, trawling a fine mesh net in order to discover the edges of the 2.5 million square-kilometre plastic patch, which sat around Easter Island and Robinson Crusoe Island.

272,459 Vanuatu Population: VNSO

From the overall population, 67,749 people are living in the urban areas while the bulk of the population of 204,710 still live in the rural areas.