Saturday, April 29, 2017

Major channel dredging completed in South Paray Bay

A three-month dredging project in Port Vila harbour has been completed, giving greater access for shipping.

Air Vanuatu to decrease air fares from Oz

It is hoped a new tourism campaign and reduced air fares will attract more tourists to Vanuatu.

No problem with worker visas for Australia, says Minister

The Australian Government abolishing some visas for foreign workers would not affect Vanuatu workers currently engaged in Seasonal Workers Program.

Govt must concentrate on public road conditions

Independent bus owners have questioned why the government pressures transport owners to pay the road tax while they did not do their work to maintain and improve roads.

China aid could destabilise Pacific

Chinese diplomats present their aid as coming without any political strings attached, and this may fuel corruption and violence.

Interplast team to conduct surgery

A medical team is in Vanuatu to conduct plastic and reconstructive surgery on problems like cleft palates, scarring and other injuries.

Would-be Police Commissioner ‘not up to standard’

There are claims the man recommended for the post of Police Commissioner is not actually qualified under the standards of the Police Act.

Francophone Vangov students finally get allowances

Francophone students have finally received their first cheques for their government scholarships, two months after their Anglophone counterparts.

Temporary measures on liquor licenses – huge impact on businesses

Businesses are concerned at talk of a ban on any new liquor licences.

Call to bring in nannies from Pacific to help Australian women back to work

A leading businesswoman says the Australian Government should have made it easier for unskilled nannies from the Pacific Islands to be brought into Australia to help women get back to work.