Montmartre girls move into new dormitory

AROUND 200 student girls from the Lycee De Montmartre School in Port Vila have today moved into their newly refurbished dormitory.

Simeon Pangus, the school’s principal said the parents will be happy for their kids to finally be sleeping in school and attending all classes.

“During the first and second term, the girls who were supposed to be sleeping in school could not be in school because their dormitory had been damaged and needed repairing. They only slept with their parents and boarded buses every morning to come to school.

“But finally the girls will be sleeping in their new dormitory for the whole of the school’s last term,” he said.

He said the parents will save money for bus fares every morning and afternoon and will now be looking only at paying the school fees.

Mr Pangus said it was a double dormitory building that will cater for student girls from classes seven to 10. It is now a fully completed building, refurbished with a toilet block.

He said thanks for the support of the Southern Province of New Caledonia donating VT 25 million, DDEC of New Caledonia for donating VT 10 million, and UNELCO for financing the toilet, bathroom and the students’ laundry. He also thanked Bluescope Lysaght for donating roofing sheets for the full dormitory. He also thanked the Island Construction Company for completing the construction of the building.