Livestock survey begins

A CATTLE survey that began last week has showed that many farmers do not focus mainly to raise cattle as livestock for earning money.

The survey is being funded by the New Zealand Government to help support the Vanuatu Government through the department of livestock.

Surveying took place on Efate last week and this week the team will start do the survey on cattle on Luganville followed by Malekula and Epi.

The survey comes under a ‘Quick Win’ program for livestock department and New Zealand government that help supporting it.

Senior livestock officer of southern islands, Nambo Moses, said this survey will cover every province of Vanuatu.

“The main idea of this survey is to help farmers prepare themselves before funding for cattle restocking and development in EDF11 on 2017,” he said.

“This survey focus is on reproduction as the main subject, and also to find out why cattle cannot breed and also how the department could address the issues.”

He also said other factors like pasture improvement, husbandry techniques and farm management are key areas that survey will focus on it to collect plenty of information from each farmer.

“At the end of the day, every piece of information that will be collected from the survey will play a key role in the government particularly livestock department.

“It will also give a hand to small holder and the commercial farmers to continue enhancing the production of cattle, also to maintain organic quality beef that Vanuatu usually exported.

“Vanuatu beef was already regarded as the top quality beef in the Pacific, but with this program it will help with the development of livestock in the country.”

Mr Moses ended by saying at the end of the survey, the team will finalize a livestock industry development plan in December this year.

He said this plan is to list all the issues and challenges farmers faced plus the solution which the government, donor partner and farmers to work together achieving positive outcomes.

The Livestock Department with the engagement of Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHARMA) project are working together to do the survey.