Freswota Bilingual introduces uniforms for teachers

Teachers at Freswota Bilingual School proudly showing off their new uniforms.
Teachers at Freswota Bilingual School proudly showing off their new uniforms.

TEACHERS at Freswota Bilingual School in Port Vila are now wearing uniforms, introduced by the school council.

A total of 53 teachers at the school teachers to wear uniforms.

Manses Kalo, the School Principal, said the idea of teachers wearing uniforms in school has been discussed since 2014 in School Council and parents’ meetings, to standardise the uniforms for Freswota School students and teachers.

“But then it didn’t happen for the teachers because we are trying to find a good seller to design the uniforms. Then this year we are happy to finally wear the uniforms,” he said.

“Freswota is the only school to now introduce uniforms for teachers after its 20 years of service. It is also the first school in the country to introduce uniforms for its teachers.

“This will also encourage other schools to do the same. We are putting policies for schools to have uniforms for their students but when we teachers don’t have any uniforms then it doesn’t make sense.

“We should be the first one to wear uniforms then the students can follow.’’

He said the council’s aim for teachers to wear uniforms was to show the parents and the public that although the ratio for each class in the school was high, the teachers must be recognised for their hard work.

Mr Kalo said this will keep the teachers’ morale high and give them courage through the standard dressing code that they have, to serve the high number of children in their classes.

He said the uniforms total cost was VT 670,000 and the School Council and Parents paid 50 perc ent of the costs and the teachers paid another 50 per cent through fundraising and their own contributions.

Mr Kalo said thanks to Don Tailler who chose the best material for the teacher’s uniforms.

Teaching more than 1000 students, the teachers have shown that being a teacher is hard work and needs dedication.

The Principal clarified over fee issues at the school that primary level is free but parents will only contribute with a Parents Good Will fee of VT 2000. The money goes towards other necessary needs for the school that the government subsidy cannot cover.

The students at the secondary level paid a fee of VT 10,000.

However the Principal said in this term, which is term three, parents will only pay VT 5100 for the students at year 8 because of a government subsidy that came in. He said this is cheap compared to other schools in Port Vila.