USP Santo Centre to have its own science lab

FOR the first time, the USP sub centre in Luganville Santo is to have its own science laboratory.

There has been a long cry for the Northern provinces especially Luganville to have these facilities as they spend much money sending their children to Emalus campus in Port Vila.

The commencement of a preliminary and foundation science program will begin in semester one next year.

Emalus Campus Manager, Ruben Bakoa Markward, said this is in response to the demand of our various stakeholders but also in fulfilment of USP’s strategic plan from 2013 to 2018.

“The USP is now making more of its services available to previously disadvantaged communities through the expansion of science courses in the islands,’’ he said.

Mr Markward said this expansion is made possible through funding from the Sanma provincial government as well as the university.

“In November 2016 the university will begin the construction of a science laboratory to facilitate the delivery of the courses,” he said.

“We hope that our efforts, through the science laboratory and delivery on Santo will enhance opportunities for students from the north of the country.

“Students will pursue the science courses with ease and utilise all the facilities provided to them. This will be a welcome contribution to ongoing efforts at Emalus campus and will compliment national senior cycle education initiatives. Also will enable students a second chance at pursuing sciences all the way to tertiary level.”

The fully equipped laboratory will enable students to take up preliminary and foundation level courses in subject like biology, chemistry and physics.