VIPA to sponsor Business Forum

THE Australia Pacific Islands Business Council (APIBC) has welcomed the support of the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority, which has signed on as the major sponsor of the forthcoming 5th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum.

The forum will be held for the first time in Port Vila, Vanuatu on February 28, 2017.

Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) has approved a one-off grant of VT 2 million (about AUD22,000) to support the event and its promotion to a wider market which will be integral to the success of the Business Forum.

President of the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council, Greg Pawson, said these funds will also assist in the Forum’s aim of promoting business partnerships, networking and greater understanding of and linkages between Australian and Vanuatu markets.

“The APIBC strongly believes in building effective business relationships between Australia and Vanuatu to support investment and economic growth in Vanuatu. This event is a great way to further develop these connections,” he said.

Mr Pawson said he is delighted with the support VIPA has shown in approving this grant for the Forum.

“APIBC is strongly committed to promoting growth in business and investment partnerships between Australia and Vanuatu. The decision to host the 5th Forum in Port Vila for the first time ties into this aim.

“I would like to thank VIPA Board for their generosity and we look forward to welcoming Delegates to the Business Forum in February 2017.”

Executive Director of the Australia Pacific Islands Business Council, Raymond Vutu, who is Acting Chief Executive Officer of VIPA, said VIPA exists to facilitate, foster and promote foreign investment in Vanuatu which is a key to generating greater economic prosperity for Vanuatu.

“We see the 5th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum as an excellent event for foreign investors to come and see the many great opportunities Vanuatu has to offer, and also for local business to make lasting connections,” he said.

“Australia is one of the key countries where most of our foreign investments originate, and we see this Forum as an excellent collaboration for more opportunities in this core market.

“We are excited about this partnership and the potential it has to grow Australia and Vanuatu’s business relationship.”

The 5th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum will take place at the Holiday Inn Resort, Port Vila on February 28, 2017. Registrations are now open.