MoET applauds Australian High Commissioner

OUTGOING Vanuatu Australian High Commissioner has been applauded by the Ministry of Education for his works towards Vanuatu’s education sector.

During the signing of contracts with the suppliers of construction materials to five schools in Tanna last week, Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua applauded the Australian Commissioner for his work.

Mr Nirua said his works towards the education sector on behalf of the Australian Government was the best gift to the children of Vanuatu.

“The high commissioner will be leaving us but I think the best gift that he has given to the children of Vanuatu is what we have witnessed,” the minister said refereeing to the reconstruction of the schools funded by the Australian Government.

He said what he has promised to give to the children of Vanuatu, the classrooms and roofs will happen now.

“I am sad that you are leaving but I am glad that before you leave we have rolled out this work. Promise has been made and we have ensured that this job is done as soon as possible,” he said.

Mr Nirua said it has been easier going for other sectors but for the education sector it would have been difficult to come up quickly with a program that is ready to start.

“It has been an excellent cooperation that we have gone through. But we are happy that the recovery program especially for education now begins,” he said.

Mr Nirua wished the Australian High Commissioner best wishes in the continuation of his diplomatic career.

He told Mr Bruer that when he became the commissioner he has changed many things. And one of the things that he doesn’t change much but he reinforced was the relationship.

Mr Nirua said the relationship between Australia and Vanuatu like what the commissioner said was like a rock in bad times or good times, the relationship after the cyclone was still there.

He told Mr Bruer that “as far as education is concerned, he remains a friend of Vanuatu and you have expressed your wish to come back to Vanuatu one day.

“Off course we will welcome you back and hopefully when you come back at a time when some of these classrooms are ready. You will be the person to open the doors of these new classrooms.”

Recently, Mr Bruer was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal by Vanuatu’s President Baldwin Lonsdale during a farewell function hosted by the Vanuatu Government in his honor.

Mr Bruer also received a tamtam from Prime Minister Charlot Salwai as a token of appreciation for his four years of service in which he reinforced the already strong relationship between both countries, renewed the Vanuatu-Australia Aid Partnership and played a critical role before, during and after Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Mr Bruer will be replaced by Jenny Da Rin, who was officially announced by Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on November 23.