North West Efate teachers in cricket coaching course

THE Vanuatu Cricket Association recently conducted a two-day Level 0 coaching course at the Paunangisu Presbyterian Church.

A total of 10 representatives from various school including West Efate offshore islands attended the workshop, which consisted of both indoor learning and outdoor practical learning, with cricket development officers Wolford Kalworai and Simpson Obed.

“On the first day of the Level 0 coaching course participants were introduced to plastic gear (bat, ball, stumps, batting tee and cones) as most of them are new to cricket, so we went through the basics of handling a cricket bat, stance and body position,” said Mr Kalworai.

He said the basics of bowling, different ways of fielding, catching and some warm up games were also introduced on that day.

“On the second day we went through everything we learnt on the first day then we moved on to Basic Umpiring Signals and Basic Super 8 scoring,’’ he said.

“All participants understood the basics of umpiring as they use umpiring signals and scoring course took up the whole morning which resulted in participants understanding the scoring basics together with the umpiring signals.

“The afternoon was spent playing four over cricket games which allows participants to put their basic scoring and umpiring knowledge into practice,

“This program was a success and we are confident that by running these programs we are able to promote and develop cricket in our communities.”

This program was facilitated by Vanuatu Cricket with the support from the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership program.