Kivhan Festival to be staged in July

A RECENT Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan festival committee meeting has confirmed the postponement of the charity music festival to early July.

Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Festival will be staging its third event this year, since its first public appeal concert as well as a celebration for the resilience of the people shown by the smiles on faces just a day after the cyclone Pam hit in 2015.

“Participating artists and bands of this year’s Kivhan Festival will be thrilled to learn that the committee has decided to keep last year’s theme to coincide with Kivhan’s 2017 and 2018 community project, which is addressing water shortage in rural communities,” said the Chairlady of Kivhan Festival, Mrs Alcina Charley.

“The Kivhan committee, musicians and artists, will continue to closely work with Government through the Ministry of Climate Change and NDMO, Ministry of Lands and Department of Rural Water Supplies, World Vision and west Tanna communities, as well members of Parliament for Tanna, and business houses in Vila and Tanna, to help fix water shortage needs for two rural villages in the southern province, that have submitted their project proposals.”

She said the project involves Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan Association sending two 10,000L water tanks, pipping and fittings to two rural communities of west Tanna, details to be furnished in upcoming releases.

Citizens of Port Vila, Tanna communities and businesses, as well as individuals can donate (cash and materials) during the two-day festival in July.

Material donations can be water filters, tanks, bottled water, water pumps, buckets, water containers, any water catchment and supplies equipment with their accessories, for the organizing committee to distribute to communities of the southern province in need of water storage items.

The festival will begin with an opening presentation and speeches from Government and NGO representatives directly involved in relief efforts, organizers of the Kivhan festival presenting a public report, a chief’s representative, followed by cultural dances.

The music festival will start after lunch with local string bands, gospel bands and groups, followed by contemporary reggae and pop bands featuring prime bands and artists. The invitation is open for interested bands/artists/church groups and string bands who would like to perform to call Jean Pierre Sam on 774175 and / or James Langdale on 7330275.

New to the festival this year, will be 20 food and kava stalls. Fee for each stall is VT10,000, should anyone be interested to purchase a stall, it’s a first come first served treatment. Call Michelle Laloyer on +678 5753145 and +678 7118744.

The organising committee is requesting for stage backdrop design proposals from artists, for this year’s theme: Water for Life / Wota Blong Laef / L’eau pour la Vie theme. There will be a small token given to the winning designer and he/she will work closely with Kivhan’s committee to produce this year’s backdrop.

Mrs Charley said not only did 2015 and 2016 Kivhan festival initiate a good business relationship between the organisers and stakeholders across all levels in government, NGOs, private sector, business houses, national and overseas media, churches, communities and individuals, but the musicians were able to directly help a community in need, and with much success, by launching a newly built 14m-9m community hall on the island of Emae.

“This was the result of the musicians and sponsors working together to meet a goal,” she said.

“The Marae community hall project, which is Kivhan Festival’s achieved milestone success, is a huge step forward for local artists and the Vanuatu music industry which has given the opportunity for musicians to be recognized for contributing positively to the community.

“It’s something that we will always be proud of, performing music for a purpose to help a community, and we will continue to do just that, in every other upcoming Kivhan events and projects.”