Vanuatu to host 2018 Wantok tournament

VANUATU will be hosting the 2018 Wantok Futsal Challenge.

Although the Vanuatu Futsal Team who participated in the Wantok Futsal Challenge did not make the finals, the team has won one match during the games and is taking the torch for the next host of the tournament.

A competition that brought together the Melanesian futsal players, Vanuatu is expecting a higher number of players from the Solomons and New Caledonia in 2018.

The Chairman of the Wantok Futsal Challenge, Jean Noel Anis said the Shefa Futsal team who represented Vanuatu Futsal has won a match, lost two and drew one.

He said the team really needs to work harder on how to play in another country.

“How they should play in another place with fewer supporters and their futsal fans are just crazy compared to the fans in Vanuatu,’’ he said.

“This was the situation we are not prepared enough for. However the Shefa Team was the best team Vanuatu could have sent. They have worked hard together to ensure they participated in this tournament.

“Compared to past tournaments, if the authorities concerned could not find a way forward in providing the technical aspects in bringing in new philosophies of futsal, we will always be on the edge.”

He said the top futsal teams like Aveck, Tupuji Magic and other clubs couldn’t attend the challenge.

He said it was very hard to develop a program like this as futsal and tried really hard to expose these athletes in tournaments outside of the country.

“We need to work more on this ‘shy’ attitude,’’ he said.

“It is very difficult also to work on raising money with these young people who are living with difficulties in their homes, no jobs and no support anywhere.

“However we will always thank the Lord for his spiritual support and guidance to think better and plan better activities and gets success.’’

He said it is very difficult for a boy to walk very long distances to attend training and get back home late in the afternoon. Sometimes it is very hard for parents to understand their kids’ interest to give them bus fares to travel to and from their training venues.

“We have really been faced with many challenges. But at least we have taken in some youth who have better skills and throws attentions. Some of our athletes have gone as far as joining the U20 National Football team. And this is through Wan Smol Bag Shefa’s support for this athletes to get as far as this,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Anis said the Vanuatu Futsal is looking forward to preparations for the 2018 Wantok Challenge and will be working closely with the Futsal families and Vanuatu Football in the country. WSB Shefa Futsal team is looking towards more improvements in 2018.