Students warned not to smoke on uni campus

STUDENTS of the University of South Pacific (USP) at the Emalus campus in Port Vila have been warned not to smoke marijuana on the school campus.

An email was sent to all students who were registered in USP by the Campus Life officer saying that there will be security around to check what students are doing, especially when they are sitting in groups.

Mrs Jeanette Tariwowai said the school administration are aware that students or a group of students have been smoking within the boundaries of the campus. She said the evidence had been found near the language building during the last week.

According to the Regulations Governing Student Conduct – C7 clearly stated that no students shall on University premises use, possess or distribute drugs or other substances prohibited by the laws of the land. Students who are caught breaching C7 conduct will be excluded from the University for no less than two semesters.

She said the security will conduct checks on students in groups and regular spot checks in all areas within the campus boundaries.

She called on all students to comply with the school regulations so that they will avoid penalties.