Champions education program launched

THE Minister of Education and Training Jean-Pierre Nirua says there is a need to grow and nurture as many children as possible to become champions.

β€œIt starts at home and continues in classrooms, not only champion sport men and women but champion doctors, champion leaders who can compete nationally as well as regionally,’’ he said.

Mr Nirua declared the Van2017 Champions Education Program launched on Thursday.

His words were drowned in a sea of excited cheers and clapping of 1600 eager students at Freswota Bilingual School, joined by their teachers, Government officials, parents, Van2017 Sponsors and staff and members of the public to welcome the program into their school.

The Champions Education Program is an education program consisting of five modules which cover: Culture and Sports, Healthy Habits, Healthy Lifestyle, Character of Champions and Protection of the Environment. The Champions Education Program, as a legacy of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, will continue into the future as part of the Vanuatu Schools National Curriculum.

The program includes a booklet about Nasi (the Games official mascot) and his friends hearing of the Games, then training and preparing themselves to compete in the Pacific Mini Games in December. The program is presented to schools with assistance from the Ministry of Health who provide soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste that are handed out to children to fulfill the key message of Healthy Habits.

VAN2017 office will soon be sending out literary packages that include the Nasi booklet, posters and their corresponding lesson plans to all primary schools around the country.

The organisers thanked Freswota Bilingual School for putting on such a beautiful display from the hanging of leis to the traditional welcome, and for embracing the program with open arms, setting the pace for a true legacy.