Container full of linen heading for Vanuatu

PORT Vila Rotary is partnering with Avonhead Rotary Club in New Zealand to ship a 20 foot container full of good quality used linen to Vila Central Hospital from Christchurch. The project was initiated by John Oliver and he was supported by John Ascroft and Mark Yaxley.

The availability of the linen was discovered by Lyndon Forrest, Managing Director, Bug Control Australia and New Zealand, whose business is infection control advice in the health sectors of Australia and New Zealand. He has visited VCH and believes that it is incredibly under-resourced and this linen would be a wonderful contribution to its operation. The linen is made up of sheets, pillow cases, towels, face cloths etc and it would be of great benefit to the hospital and similar facilities in Vanuatu.

Everyone enjoy fresh sheets.
Everyone enjoys fresh sheets.

Upon hearing of the availability of the linen, Port Vila Rotary notified the Ministry of Health which agreed that it would be of benefit. Robert Bohn has been communicating with Dr Willie Tokon, Director Curative and Hospital Services, and John Jovi, Projects and Aid Coordination Officer, who have been very helpful in approving the project and dealing with import duty and VAT exemptions.

It is now up to Port Vila and Avonhead Rotary Clubs to arrange transport from New Zealand and delivery to Port Vila or any other locations the Ministry of Health may have in mind for the goods. This is no small amount of vatu and the clubs will be looking for public support to finance the project that will be of enormous benefit to Vanuatu. The fact that the Ministry of Health is receiving the linen free of charge will enable it to expend resources on some other necessary goods or services.

Can Port Vila Rotary help Mercedes

Mercedes Lamphier is a Peace Corps Volunteer at Amelvet Primary School in Malekula. Amelvet has a small computer lab with six laptops and a small library; there is a secondary school on campus that does not have a library or computer lab. The headmasters of both schools are collaborating on building a free standing two-room computer lab/ library to meet the needs of both schools. Mercedes has approached Port Vila Rotary for assistance.

Currently, the computer lab is in a room connected to the Primary School office and the library is in an area between classes three and four. Both are very small and located in the primary school. Due to the location, both rooms are noisy and filled with interruptions. The primary school has more than 200 students and the secondary has more than 50.

The community members are motivated and ready to come together to help with the labour. Some community members have already begun bringing sand to the school and are making bricks. They have several fundraisers planned for the year ahead.

Gordon Craig of the Ministry of Education has provided them with plans and a list of building materials. WILCO has provided prices for the materials which add up to around VT 6,000,000 and a detailed budget has been established. This project is way beyond the budget of Port Vila Rotary but the advantage of belonging to Rotary International is that there are another 35,000 clubs we can approach for assistance.

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