Men’s Independence Knock-Out Kicking Off this Weekend

VANUATU Cricket’s Men’s Independence Knockout will kick off on Saturday.

Like any other T20 competitions the VCA hosted, this Independence knockout will be exciting, tough, fun, and competitive but most off all packed with outstanding fours and sixes.

Paama Sharks claimed the championship title last year after defeating the Mele Bulls in what was an outstanding game from both teams and the Sharks are looking to defend their title this year which would require them play extra hard against all remaining teams.

The first match and only morning match of the knockout will see APT Dolphins go head to head with the Mele Bulls at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground in what would be resembling the B&P Men’s T20 Grand Final all over again but this time APT Dolphins will take on their rivalry with the Bulls as motivation to send them home in just the first round while Bulls will be looking to do the same to Dolphins.

Second match of the day will see Malapoa College play Tafea Sandalwood in a match that will be full of surprises as Malapoa will be looking to cause an upset when Tafea is least expecting one. Tafea on the other hand will be looking to cruise to an easy win however Malapoa will be putting up a fight against them.

Paama Sharks will play against rival team North Efate Bush Pigs in the afternoon at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground in a fight for a space in the semi-finals. Paama Sharks needing to win this game to still be in the run to defend their title believe that Pigs were never meant to swim with Sharks while the Pigs are amazed that Sharks think they can walk on land.

The last and final match of the day will be played at Club Hippique Adventure Park and it will feature the Mighty Saints and Ifira Black Birds in the fight to secure a spot in the semi-finals of this Independence knockout. Mighty Saints will be striving for a win to put face to their team name as they have been struggling to get wins in the last competition and a win will mean that they are back in running as a team to be reckon with. Ifira Black Birds will also be fighting hard for a spot in the semi-final to make up for their missed opportunity in the last competition.

These first matches are part of the quarter final round of the Independence knockout and the four winning teams will be playing in the semi-finals on the 22nd of July for a chance to play in the final.

While the Independence knockout is kicking off this weekend, the Men’s 32 overs competition has kicked off two Saturdays ago with APT Dolphins leading the table. In the previous round of the competition, Paama Sharks played North Efate Bush Pigs, APT Dolphins played Malapoa College, Ifira Black Birds played Mele Bulls and Tafea Sandalwood played Mighty Saints.

The results are as follows;

Paama Sharks vs. North Efate Bush Pigs

Paama Sharks 198-8 (32 overs): Bethan Moli 80, Wesley Vira 46, 5-29

North Efate Bush Pigs 133-8 (20 Overs): Ronald Tari 53, Aron Strid 36, VinceVira 4-36

Paama Sharks won by 65 runs.

APT Dolphins vs. Malapoa College

APT Dolphins 160-0 (13.1 Overs): Joshua Rasu 82, Ravin Aru 68

Malapoa College 155-9 (23 Overs): Aaron Victor 48*, Watson Victori 25, Tony Tamata 23, Kenny Tari 5-22

APT Dolphins won by 10 wickets

Ifira Black Birds vs. Mele Bulls

Ifira Black Birds 190-10 (30.2 overs): Wolford Kalworai 42, Jonah Todah 37, Simeon Kaltongga 37, NalinNipiko 30, Rival Langa 3-24

Mele Bulls 162-1 (24.2 overs): Patrick Matautava 75*, Trevor Langa 68*, JelanyChilia 34

Mele Bulls won by 9 wickets.

Tafea Sandalwood vs. Mighty Saints

Tafea Sandalwood 203-7 (28.4 overs): Clement Tommy 95, WilliamsingNalisa 51, Simpson Obed 3-41, Avock Stephen 3-38

Mighty Saints 202-10 (31.2 overs): Shem Sala 54, Jnr. Alfred Carlot 25, Avock Stephen 23, Godfrey Mangau 3-3, DarrenWotu 3-10

Tafea Sandalwood won by 3 wickets.