Vanuatu Cricket Staff Participate in WASH Workshop

VANUATU Cricket staff members were fortunate to participate in a WASH (Water and Sanitary Hygiene) workshop facilitated by Live and Learn in June.

This workshop covered the importance of WASH, WASH strategies such as washing hands and ways to implement WASH in cricket development programs.

During this workshop Vanuatu Cricket Staff learned about different transmission pathways of germs and how to minimize transmission of germs when dealing with children in schools and communities. Staff also learned the correct ways to wash hands in order to get rid of or minimize germs on their hands which are acquired from their surroundings.

With the knowledge that children in schools love to share many different things such as stationery, food, balls and other playing equipment they can also share germs which can lead to diseases; the aim of this workshop is to keep staff, especially development officers, aware of the risks of spreading germs when playing cricket.

At the end of going through strategies and learning about transmission pathways and how to minimize or prevent them, Vanuatu Cricket staff with the help of the Live and Learn staff identified different ways to implement these strategies into our cricket development programs. These include, washing hands after participating in cricket activities and providing awareness to students about the importance of washing their hands after going to the toilet, playing sports, before eating or after coming in conduct with anything that potentially carries germs.

“We have learned so much about WASH throughout the day and we would like to acknowledge Live and Learn staff for taking the time to come and help us understand the importance of WASH. We will make sure that what we have learned especially washing hands is implemented into our cricket development programs to keep children fit, healthy and germ free at all times,” said Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor, Natalie Hava.

Since participating in this workshop, Vanuatu Cricket development officers have made it a goal to achieve every day after running activities with children at schools. They have been giving awareness about the importance of WASH by making sure that children wash their hands after playing cricket.