Vanuatu Cricket Setting Players for Success

THE Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) is a fast growing organisation with the belief that success is not only what is achieved on the field but off the field as well.

Setting players up for success on and off the field is a big focus for the VCA with the aim of producing good cricketers with experience to build a future for themselves in the work force after cricket.

Per the recent success of Vanuatu Cricket, the VCA has successfully implemented a full time work and training contract for its players to allow players to enhance their performance on the field while gaining work experience that will potentially create opportunities for the players to pursue a career in the future.

Kalo Shem is a member of the Vanuatu Cricket men’s national team who now has the opportunity to gain experience working at Breakas Resort once a week as part of his personal development program through the VCA while also working as a cricket development officer for the VCA.

With an agreement between the VCA and Breakas Resort Kalo Shem is now learning the traits of working at a resort. For the next 6 months Shem will be experiencing all aspects of working at a resort to enable him to find out his strengths which he will then focus and build on.

Kalo admits that he is loving the Job experience and enjoying it to the fullest.

“Working at a resort was not the kind of work I imagined myself doing but now that I am learning the traits of working at a resort I am enjoying it especially interacting and meeting new people while at the same time be of help to them,” he said.

As this initiative grows the VCA is looking towards steering more male and female national players towards future successes outside of cricket.

“Better people make better sports men and women. Skills and behaviours off the field are crucial for on the field success and we also care about our players as people. We want parents and players to know that if they get involved with cricket they will become a better person off the field and have better life opportunities,” said high performance coach and manager Shane Deitz.

Mr Shem who has also made the final national men’s team for the first time is looking forward to traveling with the team to represent Vanuatu in South Africa later this month and being part of the team has boosted his confidence and determination to work harder than ever which earned him a lot of respect and positive words from his fellow team mates and superiors.

“I have seen a consistent and positive growth in Kalo with his interaction with my duty managers and all guests that he has had contact with at Breakas reception,” said Isaac Boyle, Breakas general manager.

“He listens very well to instructions and has the confidence to engage with our guests, he is developing each week that he has been at Breakas and going strength to strength which is impressive to watch. When he is not sure of a problem he asks for assistance and that is a very encouraging skill to see; I can see in the future if he decides to stay in hospitality or tourism he will be an asset to any business.

“I think this program (personal development program) is great because it gives players an opportunity to take a step into one of the biggest industries throughout the world and learning by hands on experience will give Kalo and other players the confidence to either continue in the industry or open other opportunities within their lifetime careers.

“This will only be achievable by the individuals though as with any industry the more work you put in the more you will excel and achieve your goals and that will be the first step to further learn skills that will last a lifetime.”

“By giving players a development program like this, Vanuatu Cricket Association is clearly looking at their futures and it gives them the opportunities that they may not have access to and it’s a winning combination that will go from achievement to achievements for both the players and VCA as a whole.”

“These experiences will give Vanuatu Cricket players the confidence that they can make a living for themselves after cricket and I believe with my experience that started back in 1997 through courses and development programs that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow to be a better person.’’

With the success Kalo Shem has had Vanuatu Cricket strongly believes that all other players in the national team can have the same successes as well and thus the VCA is looking forward and will make sure to expand this Personal Development Program so that all our players will have the chance to learn a trade that will potentially help them in the future.