Bites … a few nibbles worth noting

THE Holiday Inn has another smart deal for Vanuatu residents with an accommodation special plus free pizza. It’s STAYCATION time at Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu again this September. Residents’ accommodation rates start at VT15,000 and include brekkie and pizza. It is available until September 23 only. Clearly this resort is aiming to become the most family friendly resort in town.


MARTIN and the gang at the Wahoo Bar and Restaurant on the glorious Havannah Harbour have another monster raffle being drawn this weekend. First prize is a 4.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam bourbon, valued at VT26,000 and second prize is a magnum of champagne worth about VT10,000. Tickets are only VT200 each for a crack at VT36,000 worth of prizes and the raffle will be drawn on Saturday night at 7.30pm.

Martin told Bites there will also be rugby finals live on the big screen as well. Plus, on the menu, a classy special will be Oysters Royale which is a serve of plump New Zealand oysters in a mouthwatering lime-infused recipe that includes a caviar topping. His recently added fresh fish sales are going well and you can buy a great range of seafood at very competitive prices without heading to town, which is a real bonus.


TONIGHT is Oriental Night at Au Fare restaurant, where they boast the best couscous in town plus some marvelous belly dancers. Every Saturday has something different for diners at this fine restaurant as well as fine a la carte dining and fabulous pizzas every night.


Bon apetit! apple, bites