Work progressing well on Mini Games facilities

THE China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) as the contractor for the 2017 Stadium and Sports Facilities said completed works on the main stadium now included the toilet tiles, interior ceiling, windows and curtains inside the stadium.

A CCECC spokeswoman said other works comprising of the fitting of doors, indoor painting, flooring, exterior masonry and plastering work of the ramp steps are completed or well under way.

“The laying of the wooden floor has been fully completed with current work carried out on the terrazzo floor cleaning and the exterior steps cleaning,’’ she said.

Interior view of the main stadium.
Interior view of the main stadium.

“Plastering work on the 10 grand stands that are part of the main stadium has been completed with painting work of the railings.  Similarly, installation of the wood blockings of the coping wall crown has been finalised in three of the four beach volleyball courts with 60 per cent of the sand filling works carried out by the Government of Vanuatu, through the Ministry of Sports has been concluded. ‘’

She said of the six tennis courts, outer surface works on three of them is concluded with the works underway on the remaining three. Also, the main entrance concrete road has been completed, as well as the water pipe network fitting.

“There is 97 per cent of the cable connections done, with existing works on the outdoor cable that is connected to the distribution room, transformer and road lamps,’’ she said.

“For the new stadium, the exterior wall painting, indoor ceiling, wall brick, terrazzo flooring, cement mortar flooring and doors and windows installation have been completed with work at this time being executed on the indoor putty, toilet partition walls, external steps, water, and electricity connection work.’’