Municipal providing sports equipment to Seafront

THE Port Vila Municipal Council will be putting out sports machines for people to use in the new beautification area.

Lord Mayor, Ulrich Sumpoh, made the statement when he received the sports equipment from the China Ambassador, Mr Liu Quan.

“The people of Port Vila will be using the new machines before this month ends,” he said.

“These machines are like the ones that people use in the gyms for training.

The Port Vila Municipal has received this help through the people of the Foshan city in China which the Lord Mayor, Mr Sumptoh set up a sister relationship with them in November 2016.

“Foshan city is where Bruce Lee, the famous actor came from,” he said.

“The people in that city believed that if people keep on doing physical training every day, they will live longer.

“The sports equipment was given to the people of Vanuatu as a gift.”

Mr Sumptoh said this new place for training people can used that to help fight against Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

“The Port Vila Municipal Council will be putting the new machines at the Seafront stage first,” he said.