Acid rain across Ambae

Acid rain damage to foliage on Ambae.
Acid rain damage to foliage on Ambae. Pictures: Chris Bule

THE people of Ambae are experiencing destructive volcanic ash and acid rain everywhere across Ambae.

Speaking to the Independent Online, Esline Bule, Manager of Geohazards Department said that acid rain has fallen all over Ambae.

“The north, south and east side of the island was affected by acid rain last Sunday,” she said.

“And acid rain affected the western part last night.”

She said that they heard rumours that people from West are moving to the coast and if they want to be relocated, the government will assist in moving them to a safe zone on the island.

“The Manaro Volcano is still at Level Three and at this stage, I can’t say if it is likely to move up to Level Four,” she said.

Volcanic ash on a vehicle in Ambae.
Volcanic ash on a vehicle in Ambae.

Meanwhile Chris Bule, working at the Vanuatu Family Health Association clinic with World Vision, said they have already been in Ambae for three weeks now.

“The volcanic ash is falling every day,” he said.

“We are here to provide humanitarian response and also provide awareness.

“We are doing distribution of kits to communities as well.”

He said many people are sick but the team is continuing to monitor the situation.