Bong Kalo going back to FC Ascona

CHAMPION footballer Bong Kalo is back in the country after three months with FC Ascona in Switzerland.

Kalo has spent the last three months with FC Ascona to build him up mentally and physically to become a professional footballer.

Football experts said the past three months have not been enough and he needs another three months which will be starting in February 2018 to go and build him up technically and tactically.

They said the four components to make up a top professional player are mental, physical, techinical and tactical).

All the professional clubs wants a player who will fit in the needs of the club and not the club fitting in to the needs of the player.

For example, a player in Juventus that gets in the Juventus Academy has failed one of this four components so he has to get back to FC Ascona to train properly again before going back to Juventus.

This player will be going with Bong Kalo on Juventus B when he has passed his three months formation with FC Ascona in 2018.

Mr Kalo’s agent, Bruno has already negotiated this move already and FC Ascona is aware of that.

Many fans are asking if Kalo will be playing in the Mini games next month but his answer is with the Vanuatu Football Federation(VFF).

Moise Poida, Bong Kalo’s mentor and former coach, said injury is a frightening prospect to him now.

“It’s bad because if Bong is injured it will be damaging to his journey to be a professional player,” he said.