Celebrating International Human Rights Day with mini skateboards

A MINI skateboard competition for human rights and decolonisation in the Pacific will take place in Port Vila on December 10.

Witnol Benko from the Nak Media Vanuatu (Facebook page) said this will take place in front of Nambawan Café at Seafront from 2pm to 3pm.

“The purpose of the mini skateboard competition on International Human Rights Day is to raise awareness about the human rights violations in Maluku and West-Papua committed by Indonesia,” he said.

“There will be the skateboard contest for two categories, judged on speed and freestyle.

“The registration is free and the entry is now opened for competitors; you can give your name so we can register your name.

“Please contact us on Facebook page of NAK MEDIA VANUATU or contact me on 5306591 or Francis Janssen on 7791654.”

He said the prizes include caps and T-shirts

“Everyone is welcome to join the skateboard competition, you just come along with your own skateboard.

“Everyone must assemble at the seafront at 1.30pm on Sunday.”

The event is organised by Nak Media Vanuatu and PAK & FKMCPR and the sponsors are PAK & FKMCPR (Maluku Human Rights Organisation), Port Vila Municipal Council and Nambawan Café.