VBTC seeks Technical Project Management Contractor



Technical Project Management Contractor

The Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) has begun a comprehensive Reform Program to rehabilitate Vanuatu’s national broadcasting service and make it more relevant to the people of Vanuatu. The reforms are part of a Government-driven initiative to improve broadcasting services to the people of Vanuatu while simultaneously strengthening this State-Owned Enterprise (SOE).

At the core of this Reform Program is putting the ‘public interest’ back into Vanuatu’s national broadcasting service.

A prerequisite to achieving this objective is an extensive upgrade of VBTC’s broadcast production and transmission network and facilities to ensure nationwide coverage to give the people of Vanuatu access to a credible, reliable and innovative national public broadcasting service.

To assist us with this upgrade, we seek Expressions of Interest from suitability qualified consultant(s) or consultancy firm(s) to take on the Project Management Contractor role for this upgrade. This must be done in close consultation with VBTC’s Executive Management. The project is two-pronged:

  1. Phase 1 – preparation of a fully-costed and integrated broadcast production and transmission capital development plan that is submitted to VBTC for approval;
  2. Phase 2 – subject to VBTC’s approval, the role will oversee implementation of the approved plan.


The VBTC Technical Upgrade Project will involve the following;

    1. Radio Transmission Network nationwide upgrade and expansion;
    2. Digital TV nationwide coverage upgrade and expansion;
    3. ICT infrastructure and applications, including AV streaming;
    4. Utilization of the Government Broadband network infrastructure;
    5. Building the capacity of Ni Vanuatu broadcast technicians.Only applicants with extensive experience in high-level project management, policy formulation, and related technical skills should apply.

Scope of Services:

Working in close consultation with VBTC, the Project Management Contractor will:

Prepare and circulate an international tender inviting broadcast specialists and equipment suppliers to evaluate VBTC’s broadcast production and transmission network/facilities and submit a comprehensive and fully-costed proposal that ensures nationwide radio and television coverage of Vanuatu;

  1. Manage the selection of the successful tenderer for the VBTC capital development upgrade project in close consultation with the VBTC Executive Management team;
  2. Oversee the implementation of the project including the refurbishment of distribution, antennae systems and transmission and production facilities for expanding radio and television to all islands in Vanuatu;
  3. Ensure all activities are carried out to required international standards. This will apply to (but not limited to) the removal of old transmitters and production facilities, the installation and commissioning of new facilities, the installation of a new cooling systems, linking upgrades, telemetry replacement, transmitter building, electrical and Genset repair work, and antenna repair work.
  4. Arrange technical training and necessary professional testing and repair equipment for VBTC staff for the ongoing maintenance of new technical facilities in order to maximize their operational life.


The Project Management Contractor will:

  1. Perform his/her functions in consultation with and under the guidance and supervision of VBTC’s Chief Executive Officer;
  2. Oversee the day-to-day implementation of the project and is responsible for both organisational and substantive matters;
  3. Ensure the proper use of project resources;
  4. Provide day to day management, coordination and supervision of the project, its human and financial resources;
  5. Ensure that the project document and subsequent project related budget revisions requiring VBTC’s sign off are communicated on time and in accordance with the established Vanuatu Government procurement guidelines procedures and Contracts & Tenders Act;
  6. Ensure that the required project work plan is prepared and updated in consultation and agreement with VBTC and relevant stake holders;
  7. Make every effort to build partnerships for the support of outcomes indicated in the project document;
  8. Prepare project procurement plan, and coordinate the procurement of services and goods under the project;
  9. Monitor progress of the project according to the work plan and inform VBTC well in advance of any foreseeable delays;
  10. Control and monitor project expenditures and ensure management of the resources as approved;
  11. In close cooperation with VBTC, make proposal on predictable changes, real amendments to the work plan and budget preparation;
  12. Ensure timely and effective transformation of project inputs into project outputs;
  13. Maintain project inventory and ensure timely transfer of assets procured in the framework of the project.


Functional competencies

  1. Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting;
  2. Ability to lead formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and projects and mobilize resources;
  3. Ability to perform a variety of tasks related to general administration, finance, contract, asset and procurement management;
  4. Intimate knowledge of integration of ICT and Broadcast infrastructure design and development of the global and broadcasting industry and trends in technology and platforms;
  5. Knowledge of Vanuatu Government’s Procurement and Financial rules and regulations;
  6. Time management, administration and communication skills;
  7. Understanding of VBTC’s reform program;


Recruitment Qualifications

  1. Master degree in a technical field such as broadcast engineering or ICT that is relevant to this project;
  2. A minimum ten years’ relevant experience at the national or international level in providing management advisory services, project design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects; experience in co-operation with government entities, International lending institutions, Development Partners, NGOs and private sector;
  3. A minimum ten years’ executive managerial experience in the broadcasting and/or ICT sector;
  4. Proven track record of project management of similar size technical projects;
  5. Strong organisational and analytical skills;
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and/or Bislama;
  7. Proficient ICT and general computer skills.


Deliverables, Timing and level of effort 

Key deliverables and submission times for the assignment are;

  1. Provide an assignment approach and work plan within 2 weeks of start-up;
  2. Provide a detailed Project Plan for the implementation of the Broadcast infrastructure upgrade;
  3. Provide Monthly Project progress Reports;
  4. Establishment of a Project Governance Committee to be headed by the CEO;
  5. Finalise all Procurement Documents and approved by CTB under first sight of CEO;
  6. Provide a final project report highlighting accomplishments, results, and any recommended next steps at the end of the assignment.


Timing and level of effort

The level of effort expected from the Project Contractor is 120 work days (6 calendar months), extendable by a further 60 work days (three months), depending on performance and funding availability. The period of performance is 06 calendar months beginning upon signature of a contract.


Please send your Expressions of Interest via email to ceo@vbtc.vu




c/- The Chief Executive Officer

Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation

PMB 9049, Port Vila, VANUATU


For further enquiries please email ceo@vbtc.vu

Applications must be received no later than 4.30pm January 04th 2018

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