Capacity building for FDI promotion staff

VIPA’s Investment Promotion Officer, Philip Ayong undertook JICA’s Capacity Development for Investment Promotion in Hokkaido, Japan.

The training is the third of its kind offered by JICA over the past years that invites participants from all over the globe to gather in Japan for a month and learn from each other and the experts in-country, FDI methods of promotion for both inward and outward attraction.

Along with lectures and tutorials, the participants also took numerous field trips around the Hokkaido Prefecture and in the city itself.

The site visits were mainly to Small Medium Enterprises to give the participants an idea of how Japan’s economy grew from SME’s, how these businesses operated and what systems of support they have in order to ensure positive growth.

As an outcome of this course, Mr. Ayong has developed a Plan of Action that outlines various key activities that he will work collaboratively to achieve throughout this year. The activities are all related to the overarching goals already set out in VIPA’s work plan for 2018.

VIPA is very pleased with the outcome of the training and the knowledge gained from it as this assures human resource capacity building has been achieved. VIPA has now sent two officers to this series of courses by JICA.

VIPA is grateful for the learning opportunities that JICA continuously offers and looks forward for more of these courses in the near future.