Dr Leodoro wanted back in surgery

Dr Basil Leodoro (front).
Dr Basil Leodoro (front).

THE Maewo Council of Chiefs, villagers and would-be patients are asking the Public Service Commission (PSC) to immediately reinstate Dr Basil Leodoro, the suspended popular surgeon for the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) in Luganville, Santo.

The highly regarded pediatric surgeon was suspended by the PSC for comments he made in the social media, allegedly against the Prime Minister.

Chiefs and people from Santo, Maewo and Ambae have asked that he return to surgery where he is highly regarded for his skills and decision making.

Dr Leodoro was a member of the Emergency Medical Team disaster response to Ambae volcano that visited Maewo and provided important medical work.

The call by the chiefs of Maewo is the third appeal from the chiefs of Maewo and Ambae to the PSC and the Government.

A government official said that Dr Leodoro needed perform a custom ceremony of reconciliation and say sorry, then he can be immediately reinstated.

But Dr Leodoro who is a labor union member, said he wanted the issue to be resolved in line with the union process.