Salwai makes another reshuffle

Efate Rural MP Jack Norris (centre).
Efate Rural MP Jack Norris (centre).

VANUATU’S Prime Minister has made another reshuffle this morning in the Ministry of Health.

The reshuffle saw Efate Rural MP Jack Norris from the UMP Party becoming the new Health Minister replacing Malekula MP Gratian Shedrack from the Leaders Party.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai said the reshuffle was made because there were rumours and allegations that MP Shedrack and some ministers are negotiating a motion with the opposition.

“I made the reshuffle terminating the Minister of Health and appointing the new Minister of Health who is Jack Norris.”

“The reason for this reshuffle is because there have been many rumors and allegations that there will be a new motion prepared against me and the government that I am leading,” he said.

“The allegation showed that some ministers are involved in it and I consider it as treason because when you are a minister you are a member of the cabinet and you must take the responsibility to defend the government as a member of the cabinet but not to take a role to continue to negotiate.

“There are reports that he (Mr Shedrack) has committed with the opposition but as a state minister this is not his role. If he wanted to meet anyone or any members of parliament including the members of opposition then he should meet them in his office as a state minister but not to go in a parliament office because this is considered not in line with his professional ethics but suspicious.

“So these are the reasons why I took this decision as a discipline and a warning too to the ministers and the members of the government that when you’re part of the government and you did something like this then it shows that the country is going through political instability,” he said.

Mr Salwai said this was the third reshuffle that he had made and it has shown that there is political instability.

He said everything has cooled down after the games not because of the holidays but because the government is dealing with political instability.

He said the New Year festive season has passed and they should have started work but the first weeks of this year we’re concentrated on dealing with the allegations and issues of political instability in the country.