When will Norsup Airport be fixed-locals

The local said the place is not good when the rain rains.
The local said the place is not good when the rain rains.

A Malekula local has raised his concerns about when will the Norsup airport be fixed.

The local from Malekula who could not be named expressed his concerns to the Independent Online news today that chiefs in Malekula must cooperate and stop land disputes arguement among themselves.

“This is very important because all the buildings from the airport have been burnt down a long time ago and now it is becoming rusted,” he said.

“Planes come and go every year with this old buildings standing and no one has said a word to be say about repair.

“Leaders from Malekula includings MP’s using this airport must be blind to it as well.”

He said when the rain falls, you have to take an umbrella and wait till the plane arrives for the flight and its been going on for so many years.

“There is no place to sit down and relax while waiting for the plane,” he said.

“This is not an airport at all and it’s really bad because a tar seal road is now in Malekula and without a good terminal it is just not right.

“Now that the prices of the flights are going up and departure tax too for sure will be going up as well, when will the passengers stop suffering.”

The Malekula man said tourists coming into this airport will not feel that it is a safe place at all because of all the burned buildings.

Another local commenting on social media in response to this issue said there are plans for the Province and the government to work on.

“Last year the Malampa Province President has made a petition to the government concerning this issue,” he said.

“It depends a lot on the government and we all know that they have a lot on their plates now and it takes time.

“The government and the province must have small vatu to work on the airport.

“The Malampa Province has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Chinese company last year to borrow VT 13 billion with the Norsup airport is a project.”

He said there was a great deal of criticism to that idea.

“Land owners from Malekula already signed an agreement last year for the government to work on the airport so there is no problem with the land disputes,” he said.

“The chiefs will sort their problem out but they have agreed with the government to work on the airport.

“It’s a matter of time and it’s not like the government will perform magic and things will happened straightway.”