Public Land Transport Authority in control – Massing

THE Public Land Transport Authority (PLTA) will control the amount of buses/taxis in Port Vila.

Speaking to the Independent Online, Donald Massing, President of the Public Land Transport Association in Port Vila said the PLTA will control permits and monitor situations at the wharf.

“At first the Municipal and other car dealers were buying permits for VT10,000 and selling them for VT 60,00O plus the price of the Korean Hyundai buses,” he said.

“Which is totally not a good way and that is why there are lots of Korean Hyundai buses.

“The PLTA will now control the market with how many buses and taxis to run.

“And it depends on the market and not just working crazily.”

He said this authority was set up before the Public Land Transport Act was gazetted in 2015.

“There are many complaints coming in from the Ministry of Internal Affairs about permits,” he said.

“And it’s the reason why I’ve just mentioned about the car dealers, when complaints come in they don’t know how to manage it.

“But now the PLTA is in control and it’s not like we will see change now, it takes time because we have to sweat to remove somebody’s mess.

“Because we were just starting to use these permits in 2017.”

Mr Massing said the Shefa Public Land Transport (SPLT) just recently registered last year.

“So they are the ones monitoring the wharf when a cruise ship comes in,” he said.

“Therefore the SPLT has put out regulations to follow in order to monitor the situation there.

“For three weeks, I have been at the wharf, observing and organising there.”

He said right now when a small cruise ship comes in, only a few trucks go.

“Then when a big cruise ship comes in, everyone attends to it,” he said.

“So we select the buses/taxis into two groups, group A and B.

“There is also a Tourism Ambassador Training the drivers are undertaking right now.”

Mr Massing said more than 400 participants will be attending and it has already commenced last year at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT).

“So far two groups of bus/taxi drivers have already been through this training,” he said.

“Anyone who does not attend this training will not be able to pick up tourists from the wharf or drop them at the hotels or the airport.”