Financial literacy 2018 planning in progress

GOVERNMENT representatives (through the Ministry of Youth & Sports Development), ANZ Bank, and VANWODS held a refresher training for their Money Minded Trainers this week at the ANZ building.

In a report released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports it stated that there are a total of 15 certified Money Minded Trainers in Vanuatu that were trained by ANZ Bank in 2017 with the purpose to help provide financial literacy to communities.

The Money Minded activities of 2017 ended during the preparations towards the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, as most of the trainers were youth volunteers for the Games.

During the refresher training the participants discussed and laid plans for eight months of Money Minded activities up until October.

Between now and October if any youth group wishes to receive a Money Minded workshop in their community they should contact Rebecca Borugu or email or call 5994211.