VFF gets support from Japanese football player

IMAGE 1THE Vanuatu Football Federation has received a box of donations from Japanese professional football player, Tsuyoshi Kodama.

He is a goalkeeper of J2 football team, Montedio Yamagata.

In his video message, Tsuyoshi said he wanted people in Vanuatu to enjoy and make many friends through football, as football is a language that brings the entire world together. His initiative is just practicing what he believes, he said, and he also hopes that one day he can enjoy football together on the same ground with people from Vanuatu.

Lambert Maltok, VFF President, expressed his appreciation to Tsuyoshi for his support to Vanuatu football.

The President explained the donated goods are very useful for building capacity of goalkeepers, which is one of the immediate focuses of the Federation now.

He said the Vanuatu National team won the gold medal at the Pacific Mini Games because of a great contribution from a veteran goalkeeper, Chikau Mansale.

“But now it is time to see the generation change,’’ he said.

Tsuyoshi is a 30 year-old-player from Osaka and joined Montedio Yamagata in 2017 after playing with two other professional teams in Japan.

Montedio Yamagata is in J2 league, and ranked 11th among 22 teams in 2017. The origin of the team goes back to 1984 as a company owned club, NEC Yamagata Soccer Club. But the team became a community-based football club team in 1998, and joined the J2 league in 1999.

The team is based in Yamagata prefecture, in the northern part of Japan, where it aims to entertain community members as well as create new values for their hometown and Yamagata region. The team is also contributing to community development through sport.

The assistance followed the Japan Professional Football League (J-League)’s previous visit in September, 2017. JICA Vanuatu office who is coordinating these activities with J-League wishes the cooperation between VFF and J-league will be expanded more in near future.

You can watch Tsuyoshi’s message through the following website.