Beach volleyball boys set for World Champs in China

Nono Chilia
James Chilia






VANUATU’s male under 19 beach volleyball pair are getting ready to compete in the world championship from June 26 to July 1 in Nanjing, China.

After playing in the Oceania Youth Olympic Games qualification event in Canberra, Australia from March 1-3, cousins James and Nono Chilia won Bronze Medals which qualified them for the world championship in China.

Vanuatu coach Shannon Zunker has flown to Port Vila on May 13 to conduct the players’ training.

He has been working with the players and giving them advice, skilful ball handling routines, encouraging and pushing the under 19 team to strive hard and for their country.

“Strive for perfection, push each other, push yourself,” he said to the under 19 players.

James is the more experienced player of the pair and he is very confident. He has competed in the 2017 U21 World Championship in China and the Oceania Commonwealth Games qualifier.