Massive clean-up campaign for Port Vila

THE Port Vila Municipal Council will be organising a massive clean-up campaign in the coming weeks leading up to the Port Vila Day celebration on June 11.

This year will be the first time for Port Vila to celebrate Port Vila Day on June 11 and the theme is ‘Clean Port Vila’.

According to the program set out by the Municipal Council there will be a massive two-week campaign in place involving all five wards of Port Vila.

“We are also going to put new rubbish bins in areas most populated and we’re looking at a total of 150 rubbish bins,” said Mwetu Sandy, PVM building inspector.

“And also there will be smoking areas that will be put in places around Port Vila Town for people who want to smoke.

“TVL has already offered to sponsor smoking cylinders to be installed in specific chosen areas.

“If you look around Port Villa the most rubbish you see is peanut shells and cigarette butts and it takes time and costs for us to sweep and pick them up, but by installing these rubbish bins and smoking cylinders we are able to reduce the cost of work and time.”

There will be an official announcement by the Port Vila Mayor on the clean-up campaign program next week.

According to the Municipal records we used to celebrate Port Vila Day on October 29, but study has shown that the date should be June 11.