Bred Bank donates to Blacksands school

A senior class hard at work at their new tables.
A senior class hard at work at their new tables.

BRED Bank Vanuatu has donated 100 tables and chairs to Sorovanga Secondary school at Blacksands.

Deputy Principal Daniel Toa said there had been a crying need for the school to have new desks and chairs for their students since Pam wreaked havoc.

“We have made requests to the government right after TC Pam but nothing happened,” he said.

“We are so happy that Bred Bank saw our needs and was able to donate, we are so happy about the donation.”

Sorovanga Secondary school has more than 200 students and Mr Toa said that most of them are drop-outs from other schools.

Sorovanga deputy Principal Daniel Toa.
Sorovanga deputy Principal Daniel Toa.

“This school does not take in bright students, we try to give them another opportunity even though the government couldn’t find another place for them to go, so they come to us and we help them become better students,” he said.

“We have had many students who have moved on to better schools after being here; some went on to university and are holding good positions in work place.

“Many have come back to say thank you to us for the opportunity we have given them.

“We are happy and will continue to provide this opportunity for kids to continue their schooling.”

He said that most of the funding they receive are from NGO’s and their sister school in Australia, but the funding does not amount to much.

With the school fees received from the students they are now building a new library, which Mr Toa said is much needed.

“The building of the new library is quite slow, due to delays in school fee payment but we are moving forward with it slowly, the community has been a great help,” he said.

“It’s a challenge not having a proper library for them and a science lab, where they could do their practical work.”

Younger students enjoy the improved classroom layout.
Younger students enjoy the improved classroom layout.