People urged to get ready for Independence Day

A VANUATU Government official has called on residents to begin preparations for the country’s 38th anniversary of independence, on July 30.

Johnny Koanapo has asked people now flying foreign flags from the World Cup to remove them and replace them with the Vanuatu flag.

Mr Koanapo said that now the Football World Cup is over it’s time to display loyalty and patriotism for Vanuatu by flying the nation’s own flag.

As a former director general for Foreign Affairs, Mr Koanapo said he was worried that younger generations do not appreciate what the leaders of the independence struggle achieved for Vanuatu.

He wants the Ministry of Home Affairs to promote civic education throughout the country so children know the country’s history.

Mr Koanapo said it is not only inappropriate but insulting to see a person fly a foreign flag instead of Vanuatu’s own colours at this time.