Workshop on corruption

Participants at the workshop brainstorm ideas.
Participants at the workshop brainstorm ideas.

THE Peer Educators Advocacy Group (PEAG) from the Vanuatu Family Health Association organised a workshop on ‘Civic Education & Anti-Corruption’ in partnership with Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV) this week.

The workshop was organised for it members who are youth representatives from the five wards in Port Vila.

The workshop which began Monday looked at understanding corruption in Vanuatu.

The participants took part in a meaningful conversation on the independence of Vanuatu with the facilitator of the topic, Douglas Tamara, who is the Civic Educator and Trainer of TIV.

In the afternoon the workshop focused on ‘Using Mobile Apps To Share Information’, all the ideas and discussions gathered during that session will be used to develop a Reggae Faea’s first ever mobile app.

“This new initiative that we are undertaking is being made possible with funding from the United Nations Regional Pacific Anti-Corruption Project, the United Nations Office on Crime and Corruption,” said the chairman of Reggae Faea, Franky Valea.

Reggae Faea is a program run by the PEAG with the VFHA every year that gives awareness on sexual reproduction through music.

“The purpose of the workshop is to help the youths understand about corruption and its effect on the society, this is the first time that TIV is working with the Regae Faea,” said Mr Valea.

Presenting suggestions for the App.
Presenting suggestions for the Reggae Faea mobile app.

“Developing the App is to help in our program in giving awareness to the youths and help them in providing them with useful information especially on corruption.”

“Corruption is everyone’s business and its our duty to reduce it,” said Mason Sawia, a participant from the workshop and also the Secretary of the Freshwata Youth Council.

“Every citizen of the country has to know about corruption, it is very important,” he said.

Another participant said she learnt a lot from the workshop, especially about Regae Faea and what they do and she said it is important to hold such workshops for the youth.

“There should be more workshops like this to bring youths together so they can do something to help the country develop in the right direction,” said Sharon Toto, representative from the Epauto Youth Club.

“There are a lot of youths who only focus in their community alone; if they can see their livelihood is bigger than their community then they can take part in making a change,” said another participant, Stephanie Tari, also from Epauto Youth Club.

According to Franky Valea, the annual Reggae Faea event will be happening next week on August 14 and the theme for this year is ‘Sevem life – Plannem gud family blong yu’.

He said this workshop is another step forward for the Regae Faea in helping youth by giving awareness.

The PEAG is a group set up by the Family Health Association that involves youths who go around the communities to give awareness, especially on reproductive health.

Sharing ideas.
Sharing ideas for the mobile app.