Ambae students not in Maewo need to register

THE Director of Education Services is appealing to the people of Ambae who have evacuated to islands other than Maewo to please visit the Provincial Education Office (PEO) to register their children so they can continue their education.

Director Roy Obed said that this also goes for teachers who have evacuated to other provinces to register their names at the PEO.

He is currently in Santo looking at issues related to the education of the Ambae children who have moved to Santo.

The Acting Director Susie Homu, speaking on his behalf, said this is a must for all evacuees so the Ministry could best assess their situation and respond according to their needs.

Susie Homu
Susie Homu

“The purpose of this is so that we can identify what schools the students are in so we can sent the school grant and secondly it is to determine whether or not there is need for extra facilities in schools,” said Mrs Homu.

“It is very important that every parent must take their children to be registered as advised by the Director of Education service.”

She said a team from the ministry who will be deployed to Maewo today and tomorrow to make assessment on the situations of the Ambae students and teachers there.

Emmanuel Aru, who is also part of the team leaving tomorrow, said Maewo faces a big challenge in the amount of schools because they have only eight primary schools compared to the 28 primary schools in Ambae.

Emmanuel Aru
Emmanuel Aru

“The number of students moving to Maewo is very big and it poses a big challenge,” he said.

“We will conduct an assessment to see how many children have been evacuated to Maewo and we are also there to find the displacements of our teachers.

“With this data it will then help set up strategies of how we can assist them so the children can have good access to schools, for example to set up learning tent schools in communities where schools are far away.

“Any assistants we give is for all the people of Ambae regardless of where they are, every evacuees must register so assistant can reach them.

“After our assessment in Maewo a team will be send to Santo to look at the population who have evacuated there.”

According to him all the secondary school students have already been evacuated in April through the Ministry to Santo, Maewo and Pentecost.

Mr Aru said next week the Finance department will be sending out the School Fee Exemption for the Ambae students in host schools.

There are 16 host communities in Maewo.