RMS teams up with Wan Smol Bag

RMS teams up with Wan Smol Bag (WSB) to conduct HIV/AIDS and gender equality awareness programs every four months throughout the duration of the Port Vila Urban Develop Project (Phase 1).

The most recent program was held at the Melcoffe-based RMS office on Thursday.

Certified at facilitating the awareness sessions, the engaging WSB program has been delivered to RMS staff, members of the community and other businesses around Port Vila. These programs aim to create awareness, open dialogue and empower disadvantaged people.

RMS Project Administrator Jen Malessas, who is one of the longest serving RMS Vanuatu employees, praised the work of WSB and said she enjoys partnering with them to tackle social issues.

“We (RMS) particularly like the creative nature of the way WSB operates. They use theatre, sport, art, and various media platforms to open engagement and discussion on issues such as gender discrimination and provide us with a better understanding of HIV/AIDS”, said Ms Malessas.

“WSB have conducted several programs with RMS staff and it is encouraging to see our staff become more informed. We hope that these sessions not only make our staff better employees, but champions that inform others on the topics discussed.”

RMS staff members are proud of the contribution they have made to the improvements on Port Vila’s road, which are still in progress. The WSB program helps further their contribution by supporting RMS staff to make a positive impact to society.

Ms Malessas said it is a must that these awareness sessions are delivered in the community.

“Society must be aware of HIV/AIDS and other issue we are facing today. RMS staff members have learnt plenty from these sessions.

“We applaud the methods used by WSB presenters. They have used engaging techniques to ensure everyone understands the issues discussed.”