Small Bites: Enticing Indonesian and cracking coffee

Indonesian rice tableTHE lovely Gerry is having another of her increasingly popular Indonesian buffets or rijsttafel (rice table) at Coco de Mer restaurant at Island Magic Resort, Mele Bay on Sunday, August 26.

Her enticing array of dishes includes Beef Rendang (Padang beef curry), Gado Gado (vegetables with sate sauce), Sambal Goreng Telur, Sambal Goreng beans and prawns, Loempia’s (spring rolls), Ajam Pangang (chicken), Babi Ketjap (pork in soya sauce), Ikan Goreng (deep fried fish in chilli sauce), Bamie Goreng, coconut rice, krupuk and sambals.

These are authentic dishes, not westernized, which Bites feels is a big part of their popularity. There is limited space, so bookings are essential on 7746386 or 29015.

The price VT3500 per person with ‘adult kids’ VT1500 but meals from the kids’ menu are free for one child per adult.

These are fair prices and you can top up your plate more than once.


coffeeBITES finally tried Leslie’s Café at La Parisienne Bakery this week and it is a winner.

Bites had driven past a few times and noticed a number of cars parked there and now understands why. The coffee was excellent and the pastries, cakes, sandwiches and croissants were as expected from this long term popular bakery.

Leslie, who was a popular waiter in town, runs this café with his usual grace and style so it is successful in all ways. It certainly fills a void in that part of town.


BON apetit! apple, bites