Opposition sues Speaker

THE Opposition Leader has sued the Speaker of Parliament in Court yesterday for what he describes as ‘acting against the will of the majority of MPs’.

The legal move followed the actions of the Speaker Esmon Saimon who declared that the Motion of No Confidence was ‘not in order’.

“Thirty MPs have signed the Motion of No Confidence, and the Opposition requested the Speaker for a calling of parliament to debate the Motion of No Confidence, yet the Speaker made his ruling contrary to the wish of the majority of the MPs,” said Opposition Leader and MP Ishmael Kalsakau.

“The Opposition has sought legal action against the Speaker of Parliament because he has been involved in investigating politics outside his jurisdiction in parliament where functions are inside the parliament.

“The Opposition has a right to request the Speaker to call a meeting of Parliament with a motion of no confidence, that has the majority of the MPs signing the motion.’’

Meanwhile 31 MPs were present yesterday morning when Speaker called the meeting to order.

After counting MPs present, the Speaker announced that there were only 31 MPs present on the government side as Opposition boycotted and none of its MPs present.

Parliament is due to resume on Monday.