Champagne Beach ranked in the world top 50 beaches

Champagne Beach on Espiritu SantoCHAMPAGNE Beach in Santo has been ranked number 36 in the top 50 beaches in the world by Flight Network, Canada’s leading and largest online travel website.

Flight Network sought the views and opinions of about 1000 of the leading travel professionals in the industry and. this list is bigger than ever and features 411 beaches across 165 countries.

Last it was ranked number 31 in the top 50 beaches.

This is what they had to say about Champagne Beach, which is only a one-hour drive from Santo:

Champagne Beach in Vanuatu offers a picture-perfect image of electric-teal water and snowflake-white sand.

The foliage surrounding the beach and the underwater volcanic activity has created a champagne-shaped piece of land, with frothy water bubbling about during low tide.

The coral reef off the island is home to fish and sea turtles alike, both of whom are sure to visit you if you dip into the warm water hugging the shore. After visiting this beach, the bubbly beverage will no longer be your first thought when someone mentions ‘champagne’.

The article then goes on to explain to the reader how they can get to Vanuatu.

For the record, the beach voted as number one was Shipwreck Beach in Myknos in the Cyclades group island in the famed Greek Isles.

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