PM to lodge complaint over ‘falsification’ of signatures

Mr Salwai being interviewed by local media.
Mr Salwai being interviewed by local media.

PRIME Minister Charlot Salwai has told local media that the government is seriously considering the complaint of falsification of signatures for MPs of Parliament that the opposition had use for their motion.

Mr Salwai said that there is falsification and it is also possible that there is an abduction.

He said the signatures that are on the motion are not dated and they are only in one sheet.

“The 30 signatures that the opposition used are on separate sheets,” he said.

“These signatures, some of the MPs of the government that the opposition said that these signatures belong to them. They are surprised by this; these signatures are not the same as the one that Members of Parliament have signed.’’

Mr Salwai said he has not seen the reasons for this motion but the media say the price of copra is one of the reasons as well as problems cause by the Ambae volcano.

He said the reasons are childish and that it is the budget season and there is money that the parliament will validate to help the situation of the price of copra.

“The price of copra depends on the price of the international market; the government will spend the money during the budget session to help farmers,’’ he said.