After school program closes with certificates

THE Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) was very happy to close one of its programs today, the After School Program, which is funded by ASCO MOTORS Vanuatu at the beach volleyball court.

The closing ceremony was at 10.30am followed by a tug of war and water balloon fight, followed by lunch break and more of afternoon activities until it closed at 3pm.

It has been a successful year for the after school children as today they received their certificates of participation from VVF president Debbie Masauvakalo, who handed them over to their coaches to be presented to the children.

The children were all smiles at the beach volleyball court as they received their certificates and also participated in some fun activities organised by their coaches.

“On behalf of VVF we would like to thank all the parents or guardians of these children for encouraging and supporting their kids in every possible way for them to be able to attend our programs until the end,” said VVF media officer Christel Homu.

The after school programs will start again in the second week of school in February 2019 at the beach volleyball court at Stade, in Port Vila.