Salwai meets chief negotiator on maritime border

Mr Salwai welcomes Mr Gusmao in his office.
Mr Salwai welcomes Mr Gusmao in his office.

PRIME Minister Charlot Salwai met with the chief negotiator of the Timor Leste maritime border yesterday.

Mr Salwai welcomed Kay Xanana Gusmao into his office yesterday morning and said that Vanuatu wanted to learn things from Timor Leste about how to deal with the issue of its maritime boundary.

Mr Gusmao said that Timor Leste had thought of the help that Vanuatu gave him for his fight to get their independence.

He said that the people of Timor Leste and Vanuatu share the same way and it’s good that both people share the same information on the maritime border.

He said that all countries are equal before the law but not all countries have access to these laws.

He asked Vanuatu to raise the issue of the maritime boundary at the next UN meeting next year as a sensitivity for the international community.

At the end of their meeting, they exchanged gifts.