Volley4change theory of change

Workshop participants pose for a selfie.
Workshop participants pose for a selfie.

THE Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) has welcomed one of the Australian Volleyball members, Rebecca Walter, in Port Vila for four days to talk about the PSP funded program ‘Volley4Change’ in Vila and Luganville.

Sharing of ideas...
Sharing of ideas…

As the National Participation Manager in charge of all the participation programs in Australia, including the management of the Australian PSP Program, Ms Walter’s visit in Port Vila is to meet with VVF President Debbie Masauvakalo, to discuss the Volley4change theory of change a PSP funded program by Australian Volleyball.

“The purpose of the trip was a planning session to talk about the volley4change theory of change, and also to discuss where the project is going and what we can do over the next 12 months,” said Ms Walter.

“We are really determent that our focus is on women and girls and also people with disability, which means we can develop our programs to cater to those target groups.’’

With the V4C program happening in Santo and in Port Vila, it has helped many women to stay healthy at all times and their involvement in this program has helped improve high blood pressure and blood sugar for some women who have this sickness.

“In some cases plenty of the participants of Volley4Change have been cured without medical treatment, when they get involved in this program,” said V4C coach Primrose Malon.

As beach volleyball is becoming more popular in Port Vila, VVF also had a lot of help from other organisations, such as a health check (about NCDs, soft drinks, junk food) by a Baha’i centre volunteer and a nutrients session run by World Vision.

“World Vision also talks about eating the right kinds of food and they sometimes distribute some cook book recipes on cooking the right kind of healthy food to the mamas, who usually attended the programs for Volley4Change in Port Vila for them to eat and cook healthy food,” said Ms Malon.

“The opportunities that volleyball can provide people not to just get physically fit and physically active but the opportunities for pathways through administration, coaching, refereeing or playing and Volley4change is a perfect example of what that offers to all people,” said Ms Walter.

Volley4Change Program is funded by the Pacific Sports Program (PSP) by Australian Aid DFAT, and is supported by Volleyball Australia and Oceania Volleyball Association (OZVA).

This program is run in Santo, Port Vila and in Tanna.