Update of work at Bauerfield International Airport

runway_1ASPHALT pavement rehabilitation works and new pavement construction works are continuing on the runway at Bauerfield International Airport.

A government spokesman said the contractor has removed and rehabilitated the first 1.15km of the runway.

“This section consisted of the poorest condition of the runway and the removal of that aged pavement surface has resulted in significant improvement of the runway condition,’’ he said.

South turning node construction.
South turning node construction.

”The lower pavement layer construction works on the turning node at the Runway 11 end have been completed to the base course pavement level and now only requires asphalt surfacing which will be undertaken during the runway strengthening works which will occur in about one months’ time.

“The contractor has commenced similar works at the other end of the runway and will have the base course pavement works completed within the next two weeks. In addition to the pavement work, the Airfield lighting upgrade works continues with the installation of conduits and service pits.

Construction of new asphalt.
Construction of new asphalt.

“The planned works is to achieve approximately 120m of runway reconstruction per night shift which is 1000 tonne of asphalt for the rehabilitation stage of the works.’’

Project Task Previous Status Current Status
Mobilise plant and materials Materials, plant and equipment transported to laydown area 95% 99%
Site Clearance Earthworks for new pavements and drains 40% 60%
Construction Apron pavement works 80% 85%
Construction Runway Asphalt installation 9% 33%


Interface of new asphalt and existing asphalt.
Interface of new asphalt and existing asphalt.

Next Steps:

Works currently under way and-on going are as follows;

  1. Asphalt pavement construction and aircraft refuelling system to the extended apron.
  2. Airside drainage channel construction.
  3. Airfield lighting pit installations
  4. Construction of new runway end turning nodes.
Asphalt paving works.
Asphalt paving works.
Project Task Previous Status Current Status
Apron Construction Clearing and groundworks to extended apron area. New granular pavement to apron extents. Completed  
  Aircraft refuelling network Awaiting design finalisation Shipping of equipment and preparatory works
  Asphalt surface layer 14 days of work after fuel system installation Minor drainage works
  Apron Drainage 90 days remaining 90 days remaining
Aggregate supply Final shipment of aggregate and removal of temporary loading ramp in Mele Bay laydown facility. Completed  
Earthworks Drainage Channel to apron area 5 days of work to complete. Completed – minor landscaping
Runway Remove existing AC and replace with new AC 33 days of work 6 days of work
  Lower course of Asphalt 43 days of work  
  Upper course of Asphalt 39 days of work  
  Drainage 11 End 20 days of work  
  Drainage 29 End 20 days of work


Temporary runway end lights.
Temporary runway end lights.