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Tagabe_5THE ‘impress the Aussie PM’ road repair near the airport was a total amateur joke that really made us look Third World.

For starters that section of road was not too bad, especially if you compared it to the rubbish goat track to Mele Maat. I’m sure ScoMo has seen and been on worse, plus giving a pollie a few bumps and jolts isn’t really a bad thing to help sharpen them up.

One of the main reasons he deigned to visit Vanuatu was to shore up support for Australia as opposed to China in the country as part of Australia’s Pacific push. The irony will not be lost on the Chinese that almost the first section of public road the Aussie PM ventured on to in Vanuatu was repaired ‘gratis’ by CCECC, a Chinese government owned company.

Plus the unnecessary inconvenience caused to people catching planes and trying to get to work in Port Vila was simply not worth all the ballyhoo. Also the job itself is rough and seems unfinished and there are already some holes.

So what we need to do now is organise the visit of another Prime Minister to Vanuatu and find a reason for an official visit to Havannah Harbour, then something might get done about the parlous state of parts of that road between town and the north of Efate…

SamaSama_road_2Then surprise, surprise; just after writing that there was a serious road crew digging up the last remaining morsels of bitumen on that section of track near Sama Sama store on Thursday. WW has previously said that section of road was so bad you could not fill in the potholes and finally someone in the government agrees.

SamaSama_road_1The repair was being done properly on Friday, with a mix of gravel and coral being laid and graded, plus a steamroller working it as well. Well done boys, so now to that shocking stretch to Mele Maat please. And WW will go quiet about roads… for a while.


healthMARGARET McAdam from the Women’s Health Tok Tok shared an important warning about fake health news on FB this week that WW felt was worth repeating.

She said there is a Facebook scam going around Vanuatu telling people that cancer is caused by a deficiency of B17 and taking B17 will cure cancer.

“This is a lie,’’ she said. “Cancer is caused by changes in your genes (your genes live inside your cells and hold your body’s recipe of how to replace its different cells of the body).

“Sometimes the recipe gets mixed up and it makes the wrong cells and they cannot stop growing and growing and then they spread to other parts of your body and can kill due to these effects.

“Viruses (eg human papilloma virus and Hepatitis B virus) can cause this genetic change that can lead to cancer. Toxins in the environment and poisons can also cause these changes, eg banned pesticides and chemicals.”

She said that B17 (AKA laetrile or amygdalin) contains cyanide and kills people and that B17 has been banned in other countries.

“Do not follow its diet advice and follow your doctor’s advice on what your cancer needs.

“B17 will not cure it and will harm you.’’

Very sound advice. And you will find a lot of very misleading and potentially dangerous nonsense about B17 on the Internet which should be ignored. WW was shocked to find it is even for sale on eBay.


CONGRATS to Matt Lambert and his team at the Blue Marlin Club which was chosen to host the two PMs for a special dinner on Wednesday. As expected, the restaurant was closed for the top level party of 70. And a wonderful locally themed menu was well received.

Matt and Charlene Lambert, managers of the Blue Marlin Club, with Aussie PM Scott Morrison.
Matt and Charlene Lambert of the Blue Marlin Club, with PM Scott Morrison.

The meal started with a Melanesian fish salad and this was followed by a choice of two main courses. Both PMs opted for the beef cheeks with vanilla mash, bone marrow peas and glazed carrots, while their wives chose the yellow fin tuna with a baby clam risotto.

PM Morrison personally congratulated Chef Lambert on the quality of his beef cheek dish.

The Morrisons then retired for the night at the Warwick Le Lagon resort before jetting off to Fiji on Thursday.


THE situations in Ambae, and more recently Ambrym, continue to be extremely difficult and complex and WW genuinely feels for the government in these circumstances. Every time there is an eruption or an eruption induced earthquake, food and water immediately become critical. Food crops take a few months before they can be harvested, so people are asking the government to carry them for several months at a time. WW wonders how long a government can sustain this.

People have returned to Ambae against strong advice and then put their hands out for help. WW feels it must reach a stage where a government makes a stand and says that they will not give any more assistance if people move into restricted or banned areas. The bottom line is simply that some of these areas on both islands cannot sustain human life and people must learn to accept that reality.


Mr Morrison and Mr Salwai jointly cut the ribbon to ceremonially open the completed road project.

AND finally this week, thanks to all the comments about The Independent’s superior coverage of the visit by the Australian Prime Minister. With two stories and 22 photos all published online by Wednesday night, we simply knocked the opposition for six. The only other media to rate a mention was VBTC which received a good pass mark.


AND that’s Wilson’s Word quill-pen-wilsons_word