Latest on runway works project at Bauerfield


Rehabilitated asphalt mid-runway.

ASPHALT pavement rehabilitation works on the runway has been completed and the contractor has commenced pavement upgrades and strengthening.

A project spokesman said the contractor has removed and reconstructed the entire surface of the runway and apron pavement which has removed the aged and failed pavements that previously existed.

He said the current phase of works involves upgrading the airport’s pavements for larger aircraft and extending the life of the pavements for 20 years.

“This requires multiple lifts of asphalt pavement along the length of the runway with the most number of asphalt layers being placed in the middle section of the runway near the Taxiway,’’ he said.

“The new aircraft refuelling pipeline has been constructed and the trench works and refuelling points shall be constructed during the first week of February 2019.

“The turning pads at both ends of the runway have been constructed with the first layer of asphalt and they have another two layers of asphalt still to be placed on them. The full capability of the turning nodes will be available once the new in pavement lights arrive. Works on the new runway shoulder are continuing and are approximately 50 per cent complete.

“Generally the contractor has been achieving their nightly target rate of 120m to 150m of runway construction, however they have been able to place almost 300m of runway asphalt when there is early access to the runway.’’

Widening of pavement into apron for larger aircraft operations.
Widening of pavement into apron for larger aircraft operations.
Project Task Previous Status Current Status
Mobilise plant and materials Materials, plant and equipment transported to laydown area 95% 99%
Site Clearance Earthworks for new pavements and drains 40% 60%
Construction Apron pavement works 85% 85%
Construction Asphalt installation – all pavements 33% 49%
Night works to runway pavement.
Night works to runway pavement.

Next Steps:

Works currently underway and-on going are as follows;

  1. Asphalt pavement construction and aircraft refuelling system to the extended apron.
  2. Airside drainage channel construction.
  3. Airfield lighting pit installations
  4. Asphalt construction to new runway end turning nodes.


Project Task Previous Status Current Status
Apron Construction Clearing and groundworks to extended apron area. New granular pavement to apron extents. Completed
Aircraft refuelling network Shipping of equipment and preparatory works Pipeline installed, testing underway and trench backfill works
Asphalt surface layer Minor drainage works Asphalt pavement rehabilitation completed, strengthening works underway.
Apron Drainage 90 days remaining 90 days remaining
Aggregate supply Final shipment of aggregate and removal of temporary loading ramp in Mele Bay laydown facility. Completed
Earthworks Drainage Channel to apron area Completed – minor landscaping Completed – minor landscaping
Runway Remove existing AC and replace with new AC 6 days of work Completed
Lower course of Asphalt 43 days of work 15 days of work
Upper course of Asphalt 39 days of work 36 days of work
Drainage 11 End 20 days of work 18 days of work
Drainage 29 End 20 days of work 20 days of work


Aircraft parking apron and taxiway works.
Aircraft parking apron and taxiway works.