Beach Volleyball courts open for afternoon training

51404766_782444758777268_59035661218349056_nTHE Vanuatu Beach Volleyball courts are now open to any business houses, Government organisations or any member of the public, who are looking to do afternoon training at the beach volleyball court at Stade.

“Last week the Vanuatu volleyball Federation (VVF) was very happy to welcome QBE insurance company in Port Vila as one of the first to do their training at our volleyball court this year, we are also looking forward to have any other interested government organisations or business houses who are also interested in hiring our courts to do their afternoon training,” said VVF Media Communication Officer Christel Homu.

“Interested organisations wanting to do some afternoon training, can come down to the beach volleyball court at Stade to book one or two courts or can contact the office on 25770 for more information on any of VVF programs.

“The courts are charged according to what time the organisation wants to do their training at, for those who wants to do their training in the afternoons will pay VT500 per court and those who are doing their trainings at 6-7pm and using the court lights will be charged VT1000 for the cost of the light bill.”

The VVF office opens from 8am to 4pm but as for hiring or booking a court, the training is only available in the afternoons, because in the morning from 8am to 4pm the volleyball players have training sessions with FIVB funded German Coach Michel Bargmann.

VVF would like to inform the public that, for those hiring the courts from 6pm to 7pm there will be a representative for VVF present at that time to supervise and referee during the training hour.