Opposition slams state of roads to Korman

5b0a33527c504.imageTHE Office of the Opposition has called on the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Chinese road contractors to look into the deteriorating state of roads conditions leading to Korman Area.

Opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau said roadworks began last year without proper by-passes and traffic re-routing, resulting in horrendous long queues.

“The beginning of this school year is a calamity and the situation is a nightmare at traffic peak and rush hours,” he said.

“We are very concerned that the roads works offer no suitable rerouting to ease traffic congestion.

“Parents driving to PVIS, government workers, private business people, and the tourism hospitality sector are affected by this seemingly never ending roadworks.

“Even buses are reluctant to run these routes affecting people who live in this vicinity.

“The opening of the Ecolle Francaise this week will only add to the traffic jams.”

Mr Kalsakau said the Ministry concerned is urged to look into completing this hazard conditions as everyone is getting affected by this road conditions.

“Tempers are flaring into road rages and creating unnecessary psychological strain on people driving these roads.

“The Government is reminded that this area is heavily populated and should immediately pursue measures to effectively manage its program to safely conclude this road works.”