PTI Australia digital trade workshop for businesses

ALL businesses are invited to attend the PTI Australia digital trade workshop to be held on Friday, March 1 at the Conference Room, Melanesian Hotel from 8.30am to 11.30am.

Bookings are essential.

General Info: E-commerce refers to buying or selling products and services using the internet. It opens exciting opportunities for businesses in Vanuatu to connect with international markets and is becoming an important way for businesses in the Pacific Islands to trade with the rest of world.

The online market especially in Australia is large, research released by Roy Morgan shows that over the year to March 2018, 46.8 per cent of Australians (9.46 million) bought something online in an average 4-week period.

Implementing an online export strategy can bring millions of customers within the reach of even small exporters in Vanuatu and can provide easier market access than traditional export channels. It’s important that exporters in Vanuatu consider how online channels fit into their business sales strategy.

The PTI Australia Digital trade workshop will focus on the e-trade platform – Amazon Australia. The session will be taken by Peter Nobbs, Coach AMZ, an Amazon expert who specialises in helping businesses and entrepreneurs to launch on Amazon Australia.

Why Amazon?

  • World’s largest online retailer: $900 billion market capitalisation.
  • 3 billion products available globally across 11 marketplaces.
  • Share – 44 per centof all online sales.
  • Amazon Australia’s marketplace is now open for business.

PTI Australia has a limited number of one-on-one sessions with Peter Nobbs to talk specifically about your product. The one on one meetings will be arranged with the registered businesses. If you are interested in a one-on-one session, you need to advise with your RSVP, including details of your product and company.

Any business can register for the workshop, the participants have to fill in the registration form and send it back to Paula Bjelanovic, PTI Australia Events Manager E: as soon as possible for bookings and more information. For any questions, you can contact Jeremy Grennell G.M. Export – PTI Australia E:

You can also contact VCCI Reception by email and phone 27543 or mobile 7123967 to get the registration form.